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11.2 RC2
« : 25.10.2009 - klo:19:05 »

remaining openSUSE 11.2 development until release is now branched from Factory
[1], the next Factory repo build which will be synced out will already contain
post openSUSE 11.2 changes in some packages (like the phonon splitting) - RC2
will appear only in

The KDE:KDE4:* repository layout should reflect the new state also, hence

- I copied current openSUSE:11.2 state to KDE:KDE4:STABLE:Desktop project -
  after successful build and enabled publication in the next days it will
  contain KDE 4.3.1 packages (including fixes being tested for official
  online update) for the next eight months until openSUSE 11.3 release.
- Hacks/links for hosting newer application sources in KDE:43 project will be
  reverted. They will be pushed to KDE:KDE4:Factory:Desktop and Factory now.

- KDE 4.3.2 (or with 4.3.3 release) will be merged into the KKFD packages,
  KDE:43 will be, if kept, only consist of links to KKFD first. With some
  to be defined KDE 4.4 development release KKFD will start to contain it so
  switch to either STABLE:Desktop or KDE:43 before if you want to stay safe.

- KDE:KDE4:UNSTABLE:Desktop (requires now KDE:Qt46) is always unsafe. <g>

- Btw KDE:42 is not built anymore for some days now and will with the on it
  depending repos of Playground/Community disappear also in near future.

Is something missing/wrong/unclear? :-)