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For the past couple of years it has been possible to buy a factory unlocked iPhone straight from the Apple store with no contract or obligation to use it with any specific network. If you look at the difference between a factory unlocked iPhone compared to a locked version, the unlocked handset can be used on any network, anywhere around the globe, but cost five times the price.

That all sound great, being able to get an iPhone at a fraction of the cost it would be if you bought it from Apple, but what if you want to use your phone on another network? You could find yourself in a cellular black spot where coverage is poor to non-existent.

A while ago there were two ways in which an iPhone could be unlocked. The old method, referred to as software unlocking, and the newer, more robust method, known as official iPhone unlocking. The software unlock was a temporary method, and had to be applied every time the iPhone was rebooted, whereas the IMEI unlock is permanent.

What many people are unaware of is the software method of iPhone unlocking will not only void the manufacturer’s warranty, but will only work on devises running firmware below iOS 5.1.1, which became obsolete in July, 2011. Although, in theory, it is still possible to use software to unlock an iPhone, the phone would have to be an iPhone 4s (or earlier) and it would have to be running firmware no fewer than 5.1.1.

The second method of unlocking is known as an The Right Way To IMEI Unlock Any Kind Of Mobile, and works on any model of iPhone running any level of firmware of baseband. Unlocking your iPhone via this method does not void your warranty and enables the unlocked iPhone to be updated via iTunes without it ever being relocked (the same cannot be said for software unlocking). Although it has been possible for the networks themselves to offer this kind of unlocking in the past, it hasn't been until very recently that third party companies have been able to. It has never been possible to have Apple unlock your iPhone.

A handful of companies have recently emerged that are able to offer IMEI unlocks, but without any of the jumping through hoops required by the main service providers. As long as your iPhone hasn't been reported as lost or stolen, known as an IMEI blacklisting, they will be able to unlock it.

For more information about how you can get your iPhone unlock or for more information about factory iPhone unlocking please follow this link.