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Unfortunately the price of these IMEI unlocked iPhones is prohibited to a large number of people, so they choose the alternative, and much cheaper, carrier locked version instead. These handsets can cost as little as one fifth of the price of an Apple factory unlocked model of the exact same specification. The only restriction being that the handset can only be used on the network of the carrier that supplied it.

But what if you want to use your iPhone on a different network? You have seen a carrier offering a text and data plan for half the price that you current service provider charges. Fortunately there are options available to enable the unlocking of a carrier locked iPhone.

Pre 2011 there were two methods available to unlock an iPhone. However in July of that year Apple patched the hole in the iPhones iOS that had enabled a software unlock to function. You may have heard a lot of talk about - a method of unlocking that used software to fool a device into thinking it was unlocked. Apple didn't let the ability to do this for very long and eventually were able to completely block the software unlock from working.

It is surprising but often people were unaware that software unlocking would void the manufacturer's warranty on their device and could only be applied to handsets running firmware 5.1.1 or earlier. It is actually still possible to unlock an iPhone using this software method, but in order to do so certain criteria will need to be met. The phone you wish to unlock will need to be older than 2011, be running iOS 5.1.1 (or earlier) and not be an iPhone 5, 5c or 5s (basically an iPhone 4s or earlier).

Another option to software unlocking is to opt for a factory unlock. This method of unlocking is permanent and safe - ensuring your warranty remains valid after unlocking and offers the ability to update your phone to the latest operating system updates as and when they are released. The primary advantage the IMEI unlock has over software unlocking is that it's permanent. With the software unlocked, it had to be reapplied each time the phone was rebooted. No such limitation exists with an IMEI unlock. Although it has always been possible to unlock by this method, until recently it was only available directly from the carrier your phone was locked to, and only if you fulfilled all the requirements the network stipulate.

What is a new is a recent development in the unlocking industry, making it now possible to have the carrier restriction removed from your iPhone by a third party company. While this may seem a little shady, IMEI unlocking an iPhone is perfectly legal in the vast majority of the countries, ad once unlocked, an iPhone will function exactly as if it had been purchased as factory as factory unlocked directly from the Apple store, and can then be used with any SIM card on any network around the world.

To learn more about permanently unlocking iPhones, how the process works, who offers the service and how much it costs, please do contact us today - all your questions and enquires are warmly welcomed.